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Today is World Day Against Tobacco.

Have you escaped this bad habit yet? You can do it. Look for help. Do it now, your whole life is ahead of you.


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Follow the instructions.


1. Choose your excuse for today:

I’m tired

I was up late

It’s too cold

It’s too hot

It’s raining

I’m sleepy

I’m afraid

I can’t

I don’t know how

I’m too old

I’m not old enough

What for?

It’s not that important

It hurts


2. Next, do the following:

Forget it

Stop complaining

Get up and do it

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What is your excuse?

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What is your excuse?

excuse What's Your Excuse for not working out today.

What was your excuse?

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What is your excuse?


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What is your excuse?


Life...Take 2

I hope that someone sees this page and decides not to give up...

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