I try, and I fail.So, I try again (what else am I going to do?). And I fail again.

I get up, I re-think my approach, and I try again. This time, I have moderate success (if that is even a thing).

I keep at it, stumbling here and there, until I fail.

Did I learn something? Anything? I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ve learned, or even if I’ve learned anything, other than I failed, and how it feels.

So I try something else. This time, it goes better. I barely survive for a time, but I keep improving. Then, I remember my failures and realized I did learn something back then. If nothing else, at least I learned how to fail (so I avoid it), and that failing is not the end. So I keep trying, and tweaking, and learning, and improving, until it looks like something I can use. And I build on it, and grow, and learn and share, and for sharing I get back even more. 

It doesn’t look like anything yet, but it’s getting to be something, when suddenly they see me and call me a success. An “overnight success” is exactly what they say.

“So, what is the secret sauce for your overnight success?” – they ask.

I pause, and I think – “Success? It certainly doesn’t feel like success, at least not yet. And, overnight? What does that even mean? Do they mean overnight as in the last 30 years?”

“So?” – They press.

I just smile, and say – “I don’t know (‘cause I really don’t). I guess I’m just lucky.”

And they sigh with relief, because without knowing it, that was the perfect answer. Now, everybody can start envying my luck. Just my luck.