Leaders of the world,

We hope you were able to watch the inaugural ceremony of the olympic games in London last Friday.

Did you receive our message?

We hope that you received it, that you liked it, and most important, that you understood it.

We wanted to tell you that we think we can actually live together and in peace. Contrary to your beliefs, we don’t care much about our race, religion, age, the colors of our flags or which language we speak. We understand that you are focused on finding and exploiting our differences, but we believe our differences are what make us whole, we think we complement each other.

Sometimes it feels like we live in different worlds. We want to reassure you that we also have wars, but they are very different from yours. In our battles all contestants win, even the ones that loose. Loosers feel sad about loosing, but happy for the winners, and they always express it with sincere admiration. Before and after each battle, enemies shake hands, sometimes even exchange hugs and kisses. The only thing the winner takes is his pride, and no one dies. The winner never regrets winning. In our wars there’s a lot of enthusiasm, but you will never see a bullet or blood. The only explosions come from fireworks that produce many emotions, but never fear, and they don’t destroy anything. Our wars begin and end with a celebration, a party, and everybody leaves longing for the next one. Our only ambition is to be better.

We have been trying to tell you this for thousands of years (literally), but it seems you haven’t got it yet. The problem is, you get distracted very easily, that’s why this past Friday we put on a show, hoping that if you were entertained perhaps you would pay more attention.

We understand that from up there, you can see thing we can’t. But don’t forget you swore that everything you did, you would do for us. Yes, you may be smarter than most of us, but please don’t think you are different or better. You are just like us. Remember when you lived down here? It wasn’t long ago.
So we hope you got our message. We promise we’ll keep reminding you, and just in case you forget, we are already planing the next staging of our statement, it will be in Brazil in four years. In the meantime, come, down here with us, watch us fight our war. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something.